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What is an Animated GIF?

Graphics Interchange Format – A common image format. Most images seen on web pages are GIF files.

What is Bandwidth?

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data that can travel a communications path in a given time, usually measured in seconds. If you think of the communications path as a pipe, then bandwidth represents the width of the pipe that determines how much data can flow through it all at once.

What is a Copy Writer?

The “copy” in this case means the words that a user will see when visiting a web site or using a software application. A lot of people undervalue the work of a copy writer and usually opt to write their own content. However, a good copy writer can transform otherwise boring text into catchy and informative text that can have an immediate impact on the bottom line.

What is a custom design layout?

A web site design layout created from scratch. An original custom designed layout (not a pre-existing or pre-bought template)

What is CSS?

The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) language is used to describe how an HTML document should be formatted. CSS is a very powerful tool for your web site and for developers building and maintaining web sites. It allows your web site to be completely consistent in the look and feel of your pages and gives you more control over the layout and design than general HTML does.Another extremely strong benefit to CSS is that it helps your web site rank better on Google and other search engines.

What is a Domain?

The Internet is divided into smaller sets known as domains, including .com (business), .gov (government), .edu (educational) and others.

What is a Domain Name?

A unique name that identifies one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name abacus.ca represents one IP address. Domain names are used in URLs to identify particular Web pages. Every web site that you visit is stored under domain name.

What is a DNS?

The Domain Name System which identifies each computer as a network point on the Internet using an internet protocol address systems to translate from domain name to IP and reverse.

What is E-Commerce?

E-Commerce means conducting business on the Internet. It is mostly referred to buying and selling items on line.

What is an online form?

Forms are web pages “fields” for a user to fill in with information. They are an excellent way of collecting and processing information from people visiting a web site, as well as allowing them to interact with web pages. Forms are written in HTML, PHP or ASP and processed by a hosting server in its received format. The output can be sent as an e-mail form, stored online, printed, and/or returned to the user as an HTML page.What is FLASH?A browser independent vector and graphic animation technology owned by Macromedia Inc. Most browsers support Flash technology and one flash animation looks the same on all browsers. Many web sites have their intro page or “Splash” page in flash. It is not recommended to have a “splash” page as your web site intro seeing that most search engine’s crawlers can’t read them.

What is a FTP?

File Transfer Protocol – a set of rules for exchanging files between computers via the Internet.

What is a Graphic Designer?

Web-based applications have brought graphic designers closer to software development projects than ever before. Because the buttons, menus, and other screen elements of a web page are not standardized, there is an enormous opportunity for a graphic designer to influence how a site will look. This is often tied into the branding efforts of a web site. As such, the graphic designer is tasked with deciding how best to portray the values of a company through the use of color, layout and functionality of the user interface.

What is a Home Page?

The first page of a web site. Also, the web site that automatically loads each time you launch your browser.

What is HTML?

HyperText Markup Language – a collection of tags and elements typically used in the development of Web pages.

What is HTTP?

HyperText Transfer Protocol – a set of instructions for communication between a server and a WWW client.

What is a Hypertext?

A document that contains links to other documents, commonly seen in Web pages and help files.

What is hosting?

Space on a computer available on the Internet, where your web site is stored and made available to web site users to view the content of that web site.

What is the Internet?

The worldwide network of computers communicating via an agreed upon set of Internet protocol.

What is an IP Address?

Internet Protocol Address – Every computer on the Internet has a unique identifying number, like No computer has the same IP address.

What is Java?

A programming language, similar to C++, created by Sun Microsystems for developing applets that are capable of running on any computer regardless of the operating system.

What is a Javascript?

An object based scripting language that can be embedded into a Web page to create interactive applications. Despite its name Javascript and Java are unrelated programming languages.

What is a JPEG?

Joint Photographic Experts Group – A common image format. Most of the images you see embedded into web pages are GIF’s, but sometimes, especially in art or photographic web sites, you can click on the image to bring up a higher resolution (larger) JPEG version of the same image.

What is a Nameserver?

A computer running a program that converts domain names into appropriate IP addresses and vice versa.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an act of increasing the number of visitors to a particular web site by adding appropriate keywords and phrases, and thus ranking high in the search results. The higher a web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that your site will be found by a search user. For general and competitive web sites it takes a lot of professionalism and time to tweak the web site in order to be well optimized and search engine friendly.

All Launchmark’s FT Launcher Packages will include a one-time General Site Optimization ( 3-key words within the index/intro page) upon launching web site. Launchmark will provide full SEO support for an additional fee.

What is a Template?A template is a set of pre-designed formats for text and graphics on which new pages can be based. After a web site is created using a template, you can customize its pages.

There are many web design and web development companies that resale used templates. However, Launchmark does not believe in it nor do we support it. We design authentic, original and built from scratch, custom design layouts that are not pre-bought.

What is a URL?

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locator, which is a string that supplies the Internet address of a resource on the World Wide Web, along with the protocol by which the resource is accessed. The most common URL type is “http,” which gives the Internet address of a World Wide Web page. Some other URL types are gopher and ftp.

What is a Web Crawler?

A web crawler is a mini program sent out to access various web sites to collect data. The data retrieved from web sites is placed in categories and stored in search engine databases.

What is a Web Designer?

A web designer is similar to a graphic designer. In fact, many graphic designers are web designers and vice versa. Sometimes the term web designer is used to describe a web developer, but really a web designer focuses on the user interface. They are responsible for layout, color palettes, and sometimes usability. Web designers often develop some programming skills to enable them to include certain features in the interface such as roll-over or dynamic menus.

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is responsible for programming the functionality of a web site. So while a requirement, web developers are tasked with determining what a web site should do, the web developer figures out how it is going to do it and then writes the necessary programming code. Much of this programming code is behind the scenes and not visible to the user.

However, a web developer may also be responsible for the code that the user sees. This is the HTML/DHTML and Javascript that make up most of the web pages you interact with in your web browser.

What is a Web Master?

A person who either:
1. Creates and manages the information content (words and pictures) and organization of a web site.
2. Manages the computer server and technical programming aspects of a web site or does both.

What is XHTML?

Abbreviation for Extensible Hypertext Mark-up Language and is a hybrid of XML and HTML. Web pages designed in XHTML should look the same across all platforms.

What is XML?

Extensible Markup Language (XML) is an ISO compliant subset of SGML A metalanguage, it allows for custom tags to be processed. Custom tags will enable the definition, transmission and interpretation of data structures between organizations