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Do you need a strategic marketing firm partner who can restart a stalled business and kick-start a new one. Which one are you?

To experience business success, companies must win and retain customers. It’s a simple idea. But, many companies – large and small, corporate or non-profit – fail at it every day. Particularly in a sluggish economy.

To experience long-term growth, you must consistently sell products and deliver services better than your competition. Customers must also buy into the belief that your company delivers the best value. Whether you want to carve out a corporate marketing niche or achieve next-level growth, As one of Northern Virginia top marketing firms, we can help your business achieve the success it is craving, pain points and goals in your own words. Only then, do we began work on the next steps of your strategic marketing plan.

Unlike other marketing firms, we start with the end in mind. After our initial meeting, we work with you to carve out goals. This way we can clearly see where you want your business to be and how you want it to evolve.

Now that you know where you want to go, we’ll show you how to get there.

Best value product positioning is vital to marketing success. At Launchmark, we understand this concept. It’s one we practice in our own corporate marketing efforts daily. And, it’s one we’ve used to provide marketing consulting to countless government contractors, small businesses, corporate marketing teams, non-profit organizations and start-up firms since 2004.

Our Approach:

There is no canned approach here. We aren’t like those other marketing companies that rework existing templates or fills in the blanks with the customer of moment’s stats. We don’t push high-dollar advertising just to make a quick buck. We actually perform detailed research, create a strategy and develop a customized marketing plan with only one business in mind. Yours.

We listen to you before making decisions. Before we even put fingers to keys or pen to paper, we actually sit down with the client to have a strategy session either in person or via teleconference. We let you talk, so we can learn your company’s style, past experiences.

We tell you the truth. No sugar coating either. We leave that to the pastry chefs, candy makers and the other marketing firms that primarily focus on billable hours. Nothing great can come from hiding the truth. We’ll openly, but respectfully critique your past marketing efforts and provide examples on how you can enhance them. We will tell you what you’re doing wrong—and even give you kudos for what you’re doing right.

The End Result. Your company walks away with a customized strategic marketing plan with clearly outlined marketing objectives, effective tactics, well-crafted messaging, program ideas and actionable steps to help you map out your course for the year.

Let’s stop talking about why you need a strategic marketing plan, and get started on creating one! Request your free consultation or call us today.