It is not advisable to become one of those businesses that gets so wrapped up in their company’s Twitter and Facebook social media web pages that your main company website becomes completely outdated. When all of the “instant messaging,” and “tweeting” comes to an end for the day, your website will be the next destination for that potential client. By implementing these tips to revamping your website, you can insure that they will like what they see.

Avoid Being Flashy

It may seem cool to have colorful Flash animation floating all over your website and happy cartoons doing entertaining back flips. But using trendy Flash motion graphics to revamp your website is a fast way to slow down your user’s website experience. The harder someone’s computer or cell phone has to work to process your moving graphics is the longer that it will take them to load up your site’s products and service pages. Let video websites like YouTube or Vimeo handle the video hosting duties, and simply use their embedding codes to feature important visuals on your company website.

Update Products

If your website already has all of your current products and pricing information, consider revamping your site by adding new services, educational content about your industry or events that your company are sponsoring. The more relevant content that customers can obtain from your website, the more often they will return to it.

Make it Mobile

The number of potential customers that access your website from their cell phone or mobile device is only going to increase. Therefore, while pushing your business website through the revamping process, make sure that it is customized for mobile users. Keep those navigation buttons large and easy to click, minimize the amount of scrolling that is necessary and make the essential elements easy to find: products, pricing, contact information and location details.