Landing Pages

Ten Seconds. That’s all the time you have to capture your audience online. Make the most of that time with an effective landing page

Unlike your website, which is the information hub for your company online, landing pages are your customized sales pitch to your customer.  Are you looking to drive traffic to your website? Do you have a special offer that you’d like promote? Do you want to create buzz for a new product launch? Custom landing pages can help you do that while growing your customer list and increasing your conversion rates.

Consider producing a landing page when you want to direct traffic to your site or when you have a specific goal or transaction in mind. For instance, landing pages are ideal when you’re selling or marketing something specific like an e-book or a seminar series or promoting a new product or service launch. Landing pages go well with pay-per-click marketing, online banner ads and social media marketing.

Launchmark can design custom or near-custom landing pages for your next online marketing campaign. We can work with you to ensure our design matches closely with the look and feel of your existing brand image. We can enhance your landing page project by offering advice on marketing strategy and copywriting to ensure even better results.

What’s Included with our Landing Page Design:

  • Online marketing and promotion strategy
  • Striking design and engaging copy
  • Quick load times and clean code
  • Analytics with A/B testing
  • Online Contact Form

Check out our portfolio to view some of our custom landing pages.

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