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For a business, hosting its own website can be a time-consuming process that turns into a giant pain –even for simple, straightforward sites. Never mind the time you can spend troubleshooting with your web technician over the phone when a problem arises with your site. That’s why Launchmark offers an economical website hosting option for small businesses that offers many of the benefits of virtual private server (VPS) hosting without the cost. Unlike VPS, cloud servers are integrated to share all resources offering customers high availability, site security and scalability at lower costs. Our Cloud Private Server Hosting Plan provides shared server resources and services based only on your usage.

We are not like the other hosting companies.

Our hosting offers security for CMS applications, which involves updating plug-ins and fixing code that breaks during platform updates. Today we operate businesses in a time of digital marketing, which is constantly changing. It’s difficult to keep up. Plus, with the growing popularity of CMS applications, hackers are finding ways to hack into these sites. Our hosting options protect CMS sites like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento and other by offering cutting-edge security options that prevent hacking while providing site and database backup support.

What You Get with Launchmark’s Cloud Private Server Hosting and CMS Security Plan

  • Easy-to-use server management portal
  • Managed enterprise security
  • Application & plugin updates
  • Fixing broken code after platform updates
  • 24/7 fully managed support
  • High server availability – 99% up time
  • Secure weekly or monthly site backups
  • Monthly billing as low as $50
  • No setup fees

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