The Quick Launcher

Harvest the benefits of a spectacular website at an affordable price

Need to establish a web presence on a tight budget? Launchmark can meet you half way with our Quick Launcher program for small businesses.

To demonstrate our support of small businesses, Launchmark continuously looks for ways to simplify our service offerings and tailor programs that fit every type of budget. That’s why we offer an attractive website design program to get small companies up and running with fully functional, multi-platform websites. We could call it bare bones, but it’s not really. What we offer is a rather comprehensive website that will enable your business to produce leads — and ultimately increase sales. So, it’s just what you need online to complement your storefront or office suite, but without sacrificing quality, design or coding.

Here is what’s provided in our Quick Launcher Program:

  • Telephone or Online Launch Meeting
  • Stunning, multi-platform web design of up to five pages
  • Two Rounds of Revisions
  • Response form for generating leads
  • Coding and testing of your site

Need a website on a small budget? We have options that won’t break the bank! Use the form below to contact us today to learn how our Quick Launcher program might work for your business.

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