Shell PrintingBusiness Cards

Launchmark can design and print business cards that capture and promote your brand while presenting a professional image to potential customers. From the simple to the more complex, we can print a basic black on white paper. Or, for more stunning impressions, we offer more opulent full-color printing, raised ink and foil printing.

Save money on your business cards with Launchmark Shell Printing Options

Does your company print employee business cards on a regular basis? Are you looking for an economical way to get business cards printed quickly at a lower cost? Try the Launchmark Shell Printing Option for business cards. If you have 10 or more employees and need cards printed on a regular basis, we can help dramatically cut your printing costs.

Through our Shell Printing Option, we print business cards as you need them, and you get them fast! Here’s how it works. You provide a master file of your business card artwork. We print a large quantity of shells upfront, but eliminate the employee specific information like name, title and contact details. With the shells or master prints on hand, you just submit an order as you need it – whether it’s five orders at once or just one business card. This allows you to take advantage of volume pricing because your business cards are imprinted in smaller quantities over the shells as opposed to one complete card at a time. Depending on your budget or need, shells can be set up in quantities of 10,000 or 20,000 and can save you hundreds to thousands based on the employee count.

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