Privacy Policy

Your Privacy, Our Commitment At Launchmark, we’re not just about creating standout brands; we’re also deeply committed to protecting your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines how we handle the information you share with us during your online journey.

Our Online Footprint This policy solely applies to our online activities and is valid for our website’s visitors regarding the information they shared with us. This is about your digital footprint on our website, not about information collected offline or through other channels.

Consent Just like a handshake, using our website means you’re in agreement with our Privacy Policy and its terms. It’s all about mutual trust and respect.

Information We Collect When we ask you to provide personal information, we’ll always explain why we need it. Contact us, and we might gather more than just your query – think name, email, phone number, and the heart of your message.

Why We Collect & How We Use It We gather information to:

  • Keep our website smooth and efficient.
  • Personalize and upgrade your experience.
  • Understand your needs and preferences.
  • Communicate effectively, whether for updates, marketing, or just a friendly hello.
  • Email you (but not spam!).
  • Stay ahead of any sneaky fraud attempts.

The Techy Bits: Log Files and Cookies

  • Log Files: Just like any tech-savvy firm, we use log files. These track visits to our site, including details like IP addresses, browser types, ISPs, time stamps, and clicking habits. It’s all anonymous but crucial for trend analysis and site management.
  • Cookies & Beacons: Think of cookies as memory bites. They help us tailor your online experience based on past visits and preferences. No personal details, just smooth browsing.

Your Rights, Our Duties (CCPA & GDPR)

  • CCPA: California residents, you’ve got rights like asking what personal data we’ve got on you, requesting deletion, and saying no to the sale of your data.
  • GDPR: For our global friends, we respect your rights to access, correct, erase, limit, object, and port your data. Just say the word, and we’ll act within a month.

For the Young Explorers Protecting children’s privacy online is big for us. If your little one has interacted with our site and you’re concerned, reach out. We’re here to remove any unintentional data collection pronto.

Staying Secure

  • Your details like contact names, phone numbers, emails, and project insights are safe with us. We’re not in the business of selling your story.
  • Our clients’ websites sit snug on a secure VPS server, watched over by a vigilant 24-hour admin team.
  • Payment details? They go through PayPal or QuickBooks Payments, or we accept checks. Your financial info never lingers on our machines.

Your Credit Card Info? Handled with Extra Care.

Here’s how we keep your card details safe at Launchmark:

  • Say Goodbye to Paper Trails: Once we’ve charged your card for our top-notch services or products, we don’t let those credit card forms hang around. We securely destroy them immediately, because who needs extra clutter, right? More importantly, it’s about keeping your details just between us.
  • Recurring Payments, Smooth and Secure: Got a plan with us that needs regular payments? We’ve made it super easy and secure. All recurring payments zip through our automated credit card system. No manual meddling here – just smooth, secure transactions every time.

Rest easy knowing your financial info is in safe hands. We’re all about making sure your experience with us is as secure as it is stellar.

Let’s Talk Questions, clarifications, or just want to chat about your privacy rights? We’re just an email or call (703.879.8654) away. Remember, at Launchmark, your privacy is as precious as your brand.