Whether your small business is involved in retail or a service  industry, direct mail marketing provides that personal touch that transforms your business from just another name into a friendly, approachable option. In order to make an accurate and potent leap forward, be sure to follow these five secrets to direct mail success.

1.) Quality Mailing List

Many direct mail analysts suggest that approximately 40% of the success or failure of a direct mail campaign depends on the quality, not the quantity, of the direct mail list. Current and up-to-date mailing information saves time and money.

2.) Make Your Offer Memorable

The next 40% of your direct mail success relies upon just how attention-worthy your actual offer is. Choose a valuable, limited time offer that even you would run out and take advantage of. This amazing offer of yours needs to be at the forefront of your direct mail message.

3.) Presentation is Everything

By all means, refuse your impulse to go cheap on the creative packaging of your direct mail materials, which is worth the latter 20% of your direct mail success rate. Treat your direct mail brochure like a man-made version of yourself, representing your company everywhere that it lands. Low-grade paper and poor design layout will only convey that your company is not worth a customer’s time.

4.) Make Multiple Impressions

Implement more than one direct mail strategy to your over-all direct mail marketing campaign. Don’t stop with direct mail brochures. Include banners and posters that you can cover your targeted neighborhoods with.

5.) Monitor Your Results

Keep an eye on how many leads that your direct mail campaign generates so that you can tweak it accordingly for better results next time. Direct mail is not a one-time instance but a long-term process.