When it comes to the inner workings of web design and the technological website programming that is involved behind the scenes of your web pages – CSS coding (Cascading Style Sheets), HTML coding or HTML5 coding becomes a crucial decision. Proper website functionality for your customers to have a smooth experience is vital, but so is being found online in the first place via search engine optimization (S.E.O.).

CSS coding is an advanced version of the more outdated HTML coding concept that displays which layouts, colors, font styles, font sizes, images and word spacing should be used on your web pages, where they belong on your website and that also presents your web content in a more attractive manner. Utilizing CSS into website design enables search engines like Google to locate your website easily thanks to the clear-cut CSS coding method. When adjustments are made to your web pages using a CSS Style Sheet, you can instantly change every page throughout your website at the same time.

HTML5 Coding
The markup language for displaying website content known as HTML5 is not just an upgrade of the earlier HTML standard coding technique, but it is also a format that has a laser focus on making web content compatible with a wider array off multimedia methods and mobile devices such as: smart phones like the iPhone and the Android, iPads and other digital tablet technology, and also Apple iPods. Other HTML advantages include: even simpler coding for website programmers, more web design possibilities, improved visual and audio support and even more SEO compatibility.