When building a website to showcase a product or service, the design of a website will ultimately affect profits. Here are some reasons to consider custom web designs with Launchmark:

  • A Page Turner – would you buy a book with a blank cover? Studies show that image plays an extensive role in how customers perceive a brand. A well-designed site will lead to less bounce rates, and increased conversions. See Google Webmasters to learn more.
  • Professionalism – a website is an extension of many brick-and-mortar companies, or those that operate exclusively online. A custom design stands out among the sea of competitors, and furthermore presents businesses in their best light.
  • Customized Features – as the name suggests, building a made-to-order website means having the flexibility to add elements that are most fitting to the company. This includes CMS systems, social media elements and calls to action. CMS systems for instance will allow site owners to make simple changes on their own.
  • Branding – Cookie cutter web templates are abundant, but they’re missing one key ingredient for branding success: a unique message to call one’s own. Designs that foster brand recognition is an essential marketing strategy we believe in at LaunchMark.
  • SEO Optimized Sites – Web designers who understand good SEO practices, such as LaunchMark, will influence the site’s rankings in the present and future. Best practices include using the right CMS or content management systems, framing the site’s landing pages to be indexed and crawled, as well as introducing tags.

A few things that we keep in mind:

  • Aesthetics – one of the primary reasons for selecting a custom design, is due to the company’s image. LaunchMark will go over ideas to meet your needs. Call us to discuss options.
  • Functionality – in addition to the design of the site, the first consideration will be the functionality. The design should be SEO-optimized, easy to navigate, and inclusive of calculated and responsive calls-to-action.
  • CMS – need ongoing support, or do you want to make changes without any time restraints? Speak with LaunchMark today about content management systems that best cater to your needs. The most popular includes WordPress, which allows beneficial plug-ins.
  • The Cost Factor – is it affordable to build a custom web design in Virginia? Fill out the quote form to learn more.

If you’re interested in web design for a business located in Virginia, chances are you’d like to be found elsewhere too. Websites are ultimately a fundamental element of any type of business today, and allow customers to shop from anywhere on the planet. Get the best representation by ordering custom web designs via LaunchMark.