Why Great Video Production Is The Key In Producing Viral Videos

Would you like to increase the chances of making a marketing video go viral?

The best viral videos have one common denominator, and this is good quality video production.

Why Good Quality Production Matters

Inarguably, quality videos will maximize the popularity of the production for the following reasons:

  1. Viewers will likely watch – rather than skip to the next video.
  2. Viewers will be less annoyed – there’s nothing more maddening than a low-quality video.
  3. The momentum will follow – once a good video is recognized, easy sharing tools will send views into overdrive.

How To Go Viral

So, whether you want to end up on Good Morning America, or keep the message circulating for years to come, the key to quick pick-ups and longevity is to start with good quality.

How can this be achieved, you may ask?

  • Get the Tools – like a state-of-the-art video recorder to get the best-quality possible.
  • Get The Professional – Launchmark has the tools, and expertise, to create video productions that will solicit encores, or millions of views – in the shortest timeframe possible.
  • Get The Message – check out some of the tips below to take a concept and make it into the most replayed ad of the decade.
  • Keep It Simple – most viral videos will only be a short length.

Other factors that affect the video’s popularity include:

  • Title – as with email headlines, the ad title is key. Launchmark designs clear fonts and styles to make the title and cover image more visually appealing.
  • Succinct Runs – a recent study revealed that the most popular viral videos or company profile videos were under two minutes. So keep it simple. Video edits can also be made by Launchmark for companies located in Northern VA, Washington, DC and Maryland.
  • The Element of Surprise – reveal something that the viewer will be completely blindsided by, and as human nature would have it, we love laughter – as it is the best medicine for life’s copious ills.
  • How Ironic! – review top TV shows, viral marketing videos, or company profile videos, and one element connecting them all is an ironic message. Viewers will dissect, analyze then share these messages – if they’re done right.

Get in touch with Launchmark to help with elements like editing, music backgrounds, voice quality, image quality and more. We have behind-the-scene tips and secrets to boost popularity.