Should you take a second look at mobile apps for your business, and is it a worthwhile project to pursue?

Here’s what you need to know:

Businesses today are turning to portable and tech-savvy solutions to:

  • Gain A Competitive Advantage – only a small percentage of businesses report using mobile apps to transform their business internally. Stay ahead of the curve, by implementing this strategy now.
  • Mobile Training – employees can refer to mobile apps for training on-the-go, at any time of day. These types of training materials can include product specs or the best sales methods for instance.
  • Keep Lines of Communication Constantly Open – Improve communications between employees and/or customers.

Mobile Apps in Sales
One of the main driving forces behind companies is the sales department. Studies now reveal that robust mobile apps help to improve sales and strategies in business in the following ways:

  • Strengthen Consumer Loyalty – according to a recent study by Forbes, 31% of 301 executives agreed that mobile apps helped shape consumer loyalty – after purchases were made.
  • Save and Channel Leads – develop new apps that capture leads, and build a consistent pipeline for follow-ups.
  • Increase Conversions – the ultimate goal is a complete transaction. Mobile apps can be developed to include payment tools like PayPal and other credit card processing programs.
  • Meetings – collaborate with different members of the team to keep everyone on the same line.

Trends for External Uses
Consumers are purchasing smartphones and tablet computers at record speeds – making these the go-to way to shop, research, and hone their decision-making processes.

Businesses that survive and thrive bend to the trends of the market, and deliver relevant products to the changing consumer.

Nowadays, these consumers include tech-savvy, sophisticated and ready-to-buy shoppers – through mobile apps.

Consumers want value, quality – and instant gratification. The sales department studies these trends, and make adjustments accordingly to capture the market share of mobile consumers.

How to Determine Success
Most businesses will find that mobile apps for internal uses are beneficial. But how do you know that this new implementation is actually making an impact? Are there ways to accurately measure or track success? The answer is yes.

With tracking tools available on mobile apps, businesses can determine whether to keep or pull the plug on internal mobile app uses. Similar to ecommerce websites, mobile apps can report how much, when, and where the customer purchased – which is a golden database for the sales industry.

Develop a Mobile App for Business
Launchmark provides innovative solutions for business including custom mobile app development, website development and other services.

We take ideas from concept to reality – and create practical and aesthetically pleasing platforms that transform business. To ensure true satisfaction, we keep in mind security, tracking, and other innovations when developing mobile apps.

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