With over 1 billion users worldwide, it was only a matter of time before Facebook went beyond their popular “Like” feature, that offers online users and digital content the chance to receive a vote of confidence, into a bold new world of Facebook features small
businesses can benefit from. By learning how to market on the new Facebook, you can propel the visibility of your company into the world’s biggest online social network.

Install Ads For Mobile Apps

To take full advantage of those millions upon millions of available Facebook users, companies can pay to make their business’ mobile app available for download on a   clickable ad that will send consumers to Google Play or the iPhone App Store.

Graph Search

The Facebook service known as Graph Search allows a small business to be able to search through the personal tastes of Facebook users, whether it is their favorite brand name clothing or the restaurants that they love to frequent. Not only can a company utilize this
information to market themselves to interested potential customers, but they can update their Facebook listings to make sure that their business can be found on Graph Search as well.


This Facebook feature allows users to click on a tab that will notify their Facebook friends that they have entered into another online business. These “check-ins” appear in their news feeds, leaving a highly marketable trail for other potential clients to follow up on.

Promoted Posts

Companies can actually benefit from their Facebook “Likes” by designing advertisements that can show up in the Facebook News Feeds of anyone that has already “Liked” them on Facebook. Businesses can focus their Facebook marketing on specific age groups, locations and personal interests to reach potential customers with the highest likelihood of interest.