Are mobile apps a standalone feature, or can these be customized to include popular web applications that may be beneficial for your business?

Developers like Launchmark are able to link the two by building APIs – otherwise known as an application program interfaces.

Common Mobile APIs
There are hundreds, if not thousands, of web applications that can be embedded into mobile apps. Some of the most popular include:

  • Google Maps – to help customers find where they’re heading to – at a physical store location. Businesses use all marketing angles to increase the sales pipeline, whether this combines websites, physical storefronts, social media, and now, mobile applications or mobile apps for short.
  • Social Media – increase sharing and sales with APIs like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus or Pinterest for instance.
  • Payment Portals – let’s say for example a business owner developed a mobile app in the past, just for the sake of staying on trend. Now, the app’s tracking tools depict considerable downloads; customers are intrigued by the product; only there’s no checkout tool. How can this issue be rectified without building from scratch?

An added payment gateway can be applied with an API. Common examples include secure payment gateways like PayPal, Google Wallet,, Square Space and others.

The Benefits of APIs for Mobile Apps

  • Increased Features – with added APIs, customers are able to perform a number of tasks in one app. Examples, as described above, include sharing, checking out or researching.
  • Increased Engagement – the new consumer wants engagement, innovation and quick access to common tools. Improve functionality by linking web applications, or create custom tools on the app – via a quality developer like Launchmark.
  • Increased Results – grow the company’s bottom line by ensuring that every channel used is built with maximum and effective functionality.

How It’s Done
Turn to Launchmark’s experienced mobile app developers, who understand the mechanisms of APIs and other components of successful applications for business. We will review the processes outlined such as:

  • What’s the purpose of the API?
  • What steps do you want customers or employees to take?
  • What’s the end-result desired?

We review the details, and then build on these to integrate in the mobile app. Contact Launchmark today to get professional, seamless, and secure results for all your branding needs. We develop apps for all types of mobile systems including Android and iOS.

We’re on call now to help.