Does web design affect the sales process?

The answer is yes, according to many marketing experts.

Web design is intricately tied to your sales and bottom line, therefore if you want more sales and higher profit margins – don’t go cheap on your website.

Let’s explain why:

The Layout – there are several studies that depict the order of online customers’ behaviors.

As an example, new visitors to a site will first scan the headline and visuals before deciding on staying or leaving. That means you have just a few seconds to make the very best first impression.

A good design will decrease bounce rates and create incentives for visitors to stay, browse, and eventually make a purchase.

Content – throughout history, we’ve relied on the written word to depict the purpose of an object, or business, in this case.

Make the words on screen count, by revising the copy to grab the readers’ attention, and give them something of value to move forward.

Calls to Action – without several and relevant calls-to-action designed through the site, readers will be informed, but won’t be motivated to buy.

Ask Launchmark about which types of calls-to-action would work best for your business.

Making Websites Modern and Adaptable

Building an attractive website isn’t enough nowadays either. Small business owners must be vigilant about updating their websites to adapt with the fast-changing times.

Today, internet users are used to instant gratification when searching for products or services. As a result: it’s crucial that solutions are offered to your target audiences from the get-go, and our design team understands this.

In addition, the number of mobile shoppers is quickly growing. To ensure your website and business don’t miss out on this marketing channel, ask Launchmark about building a mobile friendly site.

Other recommendations for website owners include:

  • Simple is Best – Keep designs simple, modern, and valuable.
  • Test – Conduct periodic testing to ensure the site loads in a reasonable time, to decrease bounce rates.
  • Track – Business owners can install free tracking tools from Google Analytics for instance, to check which portions of the site are performing or need improvement.

Launchmark will assist you with this tracking and improvement process, if you suspect your site needs a brush-up or complete overhaul.

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