Create a designated “microsite” for your mobile app, which is basically a straightforward website with a landing page that instantly presents a call-to-action response to purchase or download the app and then possibly additional web pages that offer details about features that your company’s mobile app provides.

Press Releases
Be sure to have an air-tight informative and exciting press release written and ready to be sent out into the world to announce the arrival of your company’s business app or the new features you may have added to it. It is worth paying to have a dynamic and detail-orientated press release with search engine optimized keywords to give it a longer lasting life on the Internet. Also, hire a press release distribution service to launch your mobile app press release to thousands of relevant news outlets simultaneously.

Giveaway Campaigns
In order to get a strong word-of-mouth buzz going about your company’s mobile app, offer a temporary limited giveaway of your app to get people actually using it, and hopefully blogging about it. Maybe it is free for 48 hours prior to the official launch. You can also consider giving hand-picked technology taste-makers and industry influencers early access to your mobile app before the general public.

Create Content
Hire writers to create content regarding your mobile app. These SEO (search engine optimization) articles can be anything from product descriptions related to your mobile app or examples of practical uses for your new application. The bottom line is that you need as much content that references your mobile application as possible to build a buzz online.