Creating fully functional and user-friendly mobile apps for companies goes way beyond  merely slapping on the company name, logo and a few product pictures. Whether these  comments of curiosity come from the business client or the developer, these are the key questions that need to be asked and answered during mobile app development.

What Events Will Occur In The App 

Is this company mobile app for internal business use for employees or for external use by consumers? Knowing beforehand whom the mobile application is being designed for informs what type of information should be made available.

How Will Users Get The App 

Will this mobile app be a native app for specific platforms like Android or iOS or will it be a web app? Answering these questions leads directly into another mobile app concern: “What devices will this app be designed to be used on? The choices consist of everything from smart phones and tablets to web browsers and computer operating systems.

How Will App Layouts Differ Across Devices 

Once you are aware of the means by which users will engage with your company’s mobile app, you should determine how the actual layout of the mobile application would differ from device to device. Can the mobile app’s design be made flexible enough to adjust to different resolution requirements on various platforms? Will problems arise if you choice a horizontal landscape layout over a vertical portrait layout? How will the actual space of the mobile app layout be used best to accommodate the chosen device platforms?

How Will Errors Be Dealt With 

Common problems that mobile apps sometimes face include locating data, loaders that become error boxes and login difficulties. Will there be alerts that populate on the screen or will there be a different means of informing users of these errors when they occur. How will these issues handled on the company’s side?