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Marketing Via Trade Shows

Date: 09/09/2013 Written by: Launchmark

Last Updated on 11/28/2023 by Launchmark Insights

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Launchmark Insights

What better way to make a huge splash in the crowded ocean of a business industry than by effectively marketing at trade shows in your particular field? But after compiling a list of relevant trade shows, you need to decide which ones to attend and how to make the most of these incredible marketing opportunities when you arrive.

Go Big or Go Home
It is completely imperative to make the effort to target trade shows in the biggest cities possible. You are already investing money on trade show displays, marketing materials, travel, food, and hotel accommodations. So it is logical to want to cast the widest net you possibly can to grab up the most potential clients and leads. In the current landscape, it’s also wise to consider virtual trade show opportunities, which have gained prominence, allowing you to reach a broader audience without the constraints of physical travel.

Trade Show Displays That Work
Creating portable trade show displays is superlative if you are planning to grow your business into new territories. Portable displays allow you to save money and to be able to attend multiple events annually without the burden of transporting a massive, cumbersome display meant for a single appearance. Modern trade show displays also benefit from integrating digital elements, like interactive kiosks, augmented reality experiences, or QR codes that link to online content, enhancing visitor engagement and making your booth stand out.