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How to Protect Your Brand From Being Tarnished by an Unappreciative Customer

Date: 04/01/2014 Written by: Launchmark

Last Updated on 11/28/2023 by Launchmark Insights

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Launchmark Insights

Launchmark provides marketing, printing, and branding solutions for individuals, small businesses, and large organizations, all of whom share the same desire – to please their customers. But as they say, unfortunately, “You Can’t Please Everyone.” Customer complaints from angry customers may occasionally spiral out of control and escalate into inflammatory misinformation that can pose a potential threat to your brand’s reputation. Learn how to protect your brand with Launchmark’s customer service tips and company reputation solutions to prevent a negative brand management nightmare from occurring.

Research the Situation

Do not just jump out recklessly into brand protection mode by making assumptions about what may or may not have caused the customer complaints to occur. Review company policies and double-check with the customer service staff involved with the angry customers to ensure no misinformation was given and that everything was executed properly on the company’s end. Run online searches through websites and online social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, and also consider using online reputation management tools to track any negative feedback or comments aimed at your vital brand reputation and correct any misinformation that may be spreading.

Be Respectful

Remain professional and don’t ruin your brand reputation any further by bad-mouthing the customer and belittling their feelings towards the situation. As the old cliché goes, “You can catch more bees with honey,” so by remaining polite and thanking the angry customers for bringing this unfortunate situation to your attention, you can begin the process of regaining their respect. Utilize empathetic communication and active listening skills to better understand and address the customer’s concerns.

Follow Up

Let the angry customers know what the company is currently doing to address their situation and keep them posted every step of the way. Effective follow-up communication can be enhanced through personalized emails or direct messages, demonstrating your company’s commitment to resolving the issue. Negative word-of-mouth may soon get transformed into positive compliments for your company by addressing their issues promptly and showing genuine care and concern.