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Real SEO Marketing

Date: 06/28/2013 Written by: Launchmark

Last Updated on 11/28/2023 by Launchmark Insights

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Launchmark Insights

Let’s be clear, SEO Marketing certainly has the goal of obtaining higher search engine rankings, thus SEO being an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. But effective SEO marketing must also evolve beyond your website consistently hitting the Top 10 Google search page for popular keywords and now should also include strategies like optimizing for voice search and enhancing mobile user experience to keep business booming in the digital realm.

Pay Per Click and Social Media

Pay per click is a SEO marketing strategy that simply means paying for each and every visit to your site, commonly accomplished using a PPC platform like Google Adwords. Being that you literally are paying per click, PPC makes for an excellent short-term strategy that can help market your company by outbidding competitors for popular relevant search engine keywords. Additionally, social media can easily accelerate your SEO marketing campaign by spreading your brand and its industry keywords via social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram, especially when the content is crafted to genuinely engage and resonate with your audience.

Link Building and Conversion Rate Optimization

Spreading links to your website or social media presence, along with trading links with friendly online associates and media sites can advance SEO marketing efforts. Link building can occur via article marketing, guest blogging, press releases, blog commenting and social media sharing. Conversion rate optimization is simply the rate of people that come to your site and actually purchase something. Keys to effective conversion rate optimization include: optimized landing pages, squeeze pages, awesome graphics and using Google Analytics to monitor the progress of this SEO marketing strategy, with a heightened focus on user experience and engagement.

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