After years of investing money into a business, changing its name may feel like a frightening proposition that could confuse current customers and create a long list of marketing expenses that will suddenly have to be completely replaced. But after reviewing these reasons to change your business name for rebranding, you will be able to weigh the pros and cons of reestablishing your business with a new name to improve your company’s potential.

Name is Too Specific 

Do you have a business name that makes prominent use of the name of your town or your specific region? This can become a problem when you begin looking to expand and try to go nationwide or even international. Rebrand your company with a name that still hints at your industry but provides enough global inclusiveness to represent your company in any part of the world.

Name is Already Owned 

Many local “brick and mortar” businesses that only exist in their one physical location often began without seeking the trademark rights to own their name. But as businesses seek to expand into the digital realm of Internet commerce, it becomes vital to rebrand your company with a name that isn’t already owned because your company is now competing for customers worldwide.

Name is Too Misleading 

Maybe your business has adapted to recent trends to the point that you find yourself on the verge of revamping all of your products or catering to a brand new demographic. To avoid letting your business’ established infrastructure go to waste and to prevent having to start a new company from scratch, simply consider rebranding with a new name to embody your company’s more current direction.

Name is Hard to Find Online 

If your business name is similar to dozens of other websites during Google searches then it will be a constant struggle to ever get discovered. Take this opportunity to rebrand your company altogether by transforming your common company name into a title that is completely unique, inspires curiosity and won’t pull up tons of random websites before yours finally appears.