Traditional business cards, that come available in the one-sided or double-sided printing format on a 3.5″ x 2″ card stock are still terrific promotional tools. But why not jazz up your business’ presentation with the visually appealing brand marketing that can be achieved by printing foldover business cards?

Foldover Cards Are Like Greeting Cards
Standard business cards are totally effective networking items for quick information exchanges during meetings, trade shows, training events and out of town business trips. But when it comes to building a company image that extends beyond a name, logo and telephone number, foldover cards share the same shape as greeting cards. Why not print your business cards in a format traditionally associated with positive messages and celebration?

More Design Space For Printing
Printing foldover cards also offers customers more surface area to display their brand imagery and promotional messages. Not only will you have a handsome business card with the appropriate business contact information, but you are also giving everyone you hand your foldover business card to a conversational piece worth sharing. The idea that you want to leave your acquaintances with is, if your company’s business card is this intriguing, just imagine how much effort has been put into the products and services.