As a business owner in 2014-2015, you may relate to being pressured into trends like social media, mobile apps, and website development. By now a majority of businesses have websites, but this standalone store may not be enough.

Should you give into the new trends, and is it all worth it for your bottom line?

Yes and yes.

Boost Your Mobile Aptitude

Let’s provide a quick breakdown of why mobile apps may be beneficial to business:

  • You Earn Consumer Loyalty – trends signal that consumers who purchased with mobile apps tend to return for other products or services.
  • Build Awareness – mobile apps present another platform to subtly advertise business, in addition to websites, social media and other channels. Sales gurus know that by combining effective sales channels, results are boosted.
  • Increased Access – how can customers or employees access popular information on the go? One way to meet this need instantly is with a mobile app.
  • Increased Word-of-Mouth Marketing – mobile apps can be intertwined with social media, to generate more shares and likes for innovative products and services.
  • Advertise – every cycle brings about new events for business. A mobile app allows sharing of quick updates to customers and/or employees in a breeze.

There are so many other features that can be embedded in a mobile app, and it’s up to the business owner to customize this based on the organization’s unique needs. Some other common features that can be implemented include mobile chat, QR code scanners, calculators and other perks.

Why have a mobile app when you can have a mobile website?

The answer is simple. A mobile app presents unique advantages, including quicker load times and easy sharing tools. It’s also accessible without online access and can be viewed from the home screen. Speak with our mobile app developer from Launchmark to learn how we can help build your brand.

Keep In Mind…

Entrepreneurs know what it takes to run a business. By using business acumen to pick out solutions that are good for profits and consumer loyalty, businesses remain way ahead of the curve. Studies show that only a very small percent of businesses have adapted mobile apps, but this trend is estimated to shift dramatically within the next two years.

Launchmark rolls out new software and design solutions for small, medium and large business owners throughout the nation. We meet the mark when it comes to security, innovation and top designs. Get a mobile app that will work relentlessly to keep customers and employees happy.

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