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Tips for Quality Screen Printing

Date: 06/23/2014 Written by: Launchmark

Last Updated on 11/28/2023 by Launchmark Insights

Last Updated on November 28, 2023 by Launchmark Insights

Are you ordering screen prints for a group, family, or business? This article shares some of the top tips to get a great end product with Launchmark screen printing service.

Pay Attention To:

  • The Size of the Screen Print – Keep in mind that even though extra-large screens can be added to fabrics, it might make the clothing uncomfortable to wear. The rule of thumb is to keep the art simple and clear for the viewer. Advances in screen printing technology allow for more detailed and complex designs without compromising comfort.
  • Color Choices – Some colors just look better together. Launchmark presents previews of how the finished product will look before completing the assignment, achieved via simulated models on the computer. While we work with a variety of colors and gradients, remember that simple designs often stand out more effectively.
  • Materials – The best fabric for screen prints is generally 100% cotton, known for its compatibility with screen printing inks and durability. These can be purchased from Launchmark or through bulk order retailers. The more orders placed, the lower the rate per unit. Eco-friendly and sustainable fabric options have also become popular and are available for environmentally conscious choices.
  • A Prime Example – Inspired by a design you love? Replicate similar colors and designs by snapping a photo and sending it to us. Our talented designers can help you create a similar look while maintaining originality.

For an even better quality product, work with Launchmark. We’re an expert Virginia screen-printing agency, ensuring 100% customer satisfaction with:

  • Tools of the Trade – The difference between a good outcome and a mediocre one lies in the tools used. Explore our testimonials and about us page to learn more about our capabilities.
  • Ink Quality – We use top-quality inks for vibrant, long-lasting prints, just as top chefs select the best ingredients for their dishes.
  • Varying Techniques – Most of our screen prints are heat-dried, and we may also conduct a wash-test to determine quality. We’re happy to discuss the methods practiced in our business.

Why Does Quality Matter?


  • Branding – Present the best image to clients and prospects in the community with high-quality screen prints.
  • Longevity – Business-wear or school uniforms are worn year-round and undergo numerous washes. Quality screen prints endure longer, making them a worthwhile investment.

Launchmark screen prints t-shirts for schools, companies, and any organization in the community. Screening is both an art form and a technical skill. Furthermore, screen prints can be applied to more than t-shirts, including gym bags, mugs, pens, and lightweight items to enhance branding.