Frequent mobile app users are constantly gaining specific expectations whenever they begin using a new app. To avoid disappointing customers and defeating the purpose of your company’s mobile app, incorporate the top three functions of a mobile app while you are developing your own mobile application for an iOS system or Android platforms.

 1. Commerce Capabilities
Ideally, a mobile app should either be making a business more money or make it easier for their employees to service consumers with the company’s products and services. Whether it is a direct company store front or product information that will convince customers that what your company offers is beneficial, commerce capabilities need to be a strong consideration as a function of a mobile app.

2. Mobile Searching
Mobile app users probably spend enough time in front of a computer monitor, whether it is at work or while they are at home. Therefore, provide your company’s customers with a mobile app that allows them to perform useful tasks such as mobile searches from a mobile device to do price and product comparisons.

3. Context Awareness
If your mobile app is capable of keeping track of user preferences and interests, it can easily provide them with anticipated options and make appropriate suggestions for content and available services and products that will be able to meet their needs.