Marketing videos in Washington DC require video production in Washington DC for businesses and firms in the District of Columbia looking to strengthen their internet appeal via online video. For customized videos in the DMV (Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia) look no further than the Virginia-based marketing and branding expertise at Launchmark. With the assistance of Launchmark, you will have video production services for your business videos in Washington DC that are captured in high definition HD video, with a demographic-specific script and visuals and verbiage that capture the spirit of your particular industry.

Business videos in Washington DC need to be able to express a company’s message, brand image and offerings relatively fast to grab the short attention spans that video production can cater to. Choose from Launchmark’s affordable online video production packages of 30 seconds, 60 seconds and 90 seconds. There are also several styles of video production for marketing in Washington DC that Launchmark can create to capture your company’s corporate needs.

Ad Style Videos are advertising videos that are similar to a television commercial and they also can either be executed with your prewritten script or they can be created with a professional script and voiceover talent provided by Launchmark. Profile Style Videos tend to feature informative interviews with the company owners and employees to express the benefits of your business. Testimonial Style Videos provide commentary from satisfied supporters of your company to encourage consumers to enjoy your products and services just as much as they do.