A website that cannot generate leads is about as useless as a computer without a keyboard. Web design is absolutely an area of marketing a business where it definitely pays to leave it to the professionals. Boosting your ability for lead generation involves incorporating the layout of information on your web pages that conveys professionalism, accuracy and confidence to current and potential customers.

Site Templates Are Lead Generating Poison
You website is your digital storefront, your virtual shopping mall, but also your company’s college to educate customers about why you are a leader in your industry. If your web design looks like nine other websites that managed to rank high in Google in your field of business, will you be considered a leader? And obviously the word “lead” is in the term leader for a reason.

Those that set the trends instead of following them with generic website templates generate leads. Having a tailor-made website, with text fonts, imagery and colors that speak to your industry, instead of alienating them, helps to build customer trust and confidence while they are shopping.

Your Audience Knows Best
After you have added clean and enriching copy with search engine optimized keywords, appropriate imagery, legitimate testimonies, visible contact information and creative product and service web pages – seek feedback. Pay close attention to which inner web pages on your website are getting the most traffic. Compare the leads that you are generating from month to month. Address any and all complaints and never be too stubborn to incorporate meaningful suggestions to your web design.