An infographic, as the name suggests, provides a brief and detailed summary of subjects – through graphics and text. These are popularly used as a marketing strategy, and serve as an extra way to educate online audiences about a certain topic, product, or service.

See some other common ways infographics are used in business and everyday life below:

Breaking Down Big Chunks of Data

There are tons of big data online, regardless of the topic you’re searching for. How do you sift through the information and get a simplistic overview of the subject? The answer is with an infographic.

Business Planning

For small business owners seeking capital, infographics can most certainly be presented to a potential investor to grab their attention, especially when time is limited.

Think of the infographic as a more effective take on the elevator pitch: you have only one or two minutes to catch the investor’s attention and make a stellar impression. An infographic will better prepare you to make a persuasive presentation.

Teaching Tools

Educators have long used infographics to break down complex topics, into easy-to-read and digestible bites. Now these can be digitized easily with Launchmark’s professional design team.


Do you work in the creative arts field? An infographic can work to your advantage as an online portfolio or resume, which can be distributed to several employers. Allow Launchmark’s design team to create a winning infographic – to land your dream job.

Research Findings

Studies have often been used to move us forward, whether in the healthcare or business niche. We extract key information from research about how to improve our current methods of doing things.

So how can you break down endless findings, so that it becomes easily understood?

The results of a survey, trial, or poll can all be highlighted on a visually appealing infographic. This is now the preferred method, compared to white studies or verbal explanations for instance.


Businesses that are selling a product or service can depict how their innovations work on a thoughtfully designed infographic.

Example: Find out how to erase sensitive personal data on an iPad when trading it in, online or in-stores, with a visual guide, or infographic.

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