Every well-designed and useful business website utilizes an index webpage and individual inner web pages in their web design layout. Smooth and intuitive navigation is the key to keeping a website user friendly and it also cuts down on the loads of telephone calls and emails from customers that can’t find simple answers to their questions that are already on your website.

Index Web Pages
An index web page is basically the directory page of your website that is located on the home page or landing page. During the construction of your website, it makes complete sense to name your main page index.html. This allows potential customers to automatically land on your index web page when they arrive at your URL web address.

Inner Web Pages
All of the other web pages on your website are typically referred to as inner web pages. Your company website will generally have inner web pages like an “About” section or a “Contact” section and these pages will contain names like: “about.html” or “contact.htm,” which helps distinguish these separate inner web pages from the introductory index web page. Giving inner pages their own distinctive appearance, especially web pages that contact products and services, help users to not get lost on your website.